Los Burros Trail #631

Distance: 15.5 miles; At the junction at the end of the Short Cut with the main trail, a turn to the left will be 9.75 miles back to the trailhead, and a right turn will be 7.75 back to the trailhead.

Difficulty: Hiking – Moderate

Mountain Biking – Moderate

Equestrian – Moderate

Trailhead Parking: Yes, accommodates trailers.



Access to Trail: From the Lakeside Ranger Station, travel south on AZ 260 to McNary. Go north on FR 224 for 7.1 miles. Turn right into Los Burros Campground and Trailhead #1 is at the far end. To reach Trailhead #2, continue 1+ miles on FR 224 past the Los Burros Campground turn.

Trail Highlights: The campground was once the site of the Los Burros Ranger Station; two of the original buildings still exist. The trail passes through aspen groves and ponderosa pine. A connector trail heads west to Country Club Trail. The trail offers opportunities to view and hear elk


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