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TRACKS Trail Crew Builds New Alignment for Land of the Pioneers Trail (Photos by Mary Lois Brown)
TRACKS-LOP-1-LG.jpg (35844 bytes)

Trail Crew meets at trailhead

  TRACKS-LOP-2-LG.jpg (34243 bytes)

Collect tools and head out

 TRACKS-LOP-3-LG.jpg (43192 bytes)

Clear brush from new trail

TRACKS-LOP-4-LG.jpg (35267 bytes) 

Cut water drainage ditch

 TRACKS-LOP-5-LG.jpg (30316 bytes)

Move imbedded rocks

TRACKS-LOP-6-LG.jpg (40040 bytes)

Pitch out large rock

TRACKS-LOP-7LG.jpg (30453 bytes)

Prune shrubs from trail

TRACKS-LOP-8-LG.jpg (43993 bytes)

Dig out large rock with pick

 TRACKS-LOP-9-LG.jpg (34065 bytes)

Alignment taking shape

 TRACKS-LOP-10-LG.jpg (35705 bytes)

Saw obstructing branches

TRACKS-LOP-11-LG.jpg (27547 bytes)

New Carsonite sign installed on new trail section

TRACKS-LOP-12-LG.jpg (20086 bytes)

New post attached to support with lag bolts

AZT-1-lg.jpg (43262 bytes)  

Rented cabin from US Forest service while hiking 3 passages of the Arizona Trail

AZT-2-lg.jpg (37670 bytes)

Happy hour follows 3 hour drive from Show Low

AZT-3-lg.jpg (20260 bytes)

View of Mt Kendrick seen from Spring Valley Cabin

AZT-4-lg.jpg (17689 bytes)

Lynn & Dave start 1st day's hike from Sno Bowl parking lot into Kachina Wilderness

AZT-5-lg.jpg (33225 bytes)

The rest o the group begin hiking from Schultz Tank

AZT-6-lg.jpg (26696 bytes)

Both groups meet in the middle and exchange car keys

AZT-7-lg.jpg (34437 bytes)

The cabin's more rustic facilities

AZT-8-lg.jpg (20049 bytes)

Evening's entertainment provided by Bob Pester

AZT-9-lg.jpg (30349 bytes)

Most of 2nd day's hike looked like this.  Rain night before made great weather

AZT-10-lg.jpg (16175 bytes)

Gathered for photo op where this passage ends at start of Babbit Ranch 19 mi passage

TPU-1.jpg (74753 bytes)

TRACKS picks up trash on Hwy 260 where it approaches Hwy 60

TPU-2.jpg (73169 bytes) 

Mike and Linda Pearse invite the trash pick-up crew for lunch after the work session

 TPU-3.jpg (74254 bytes)

The lunch and refreshment are a great incentive to get the TRACKS folk out to work

Dave-1.jpg (78438 bytes)

On the Panorama Trail near the Sawmill Connector ...

Dave-3.jpg (63230 bytes)

selecting a tree for the construction of ...

..Dave-5.jpg (99488 bytes)

            Dave's Bench

   Dave Memorial 2.jpg (206032 bytes)

Dave's Memorial Hike,   May 19, 2007

Dave Memorial 1.jpg (210486 bytes) 

Dave's family tests his Bench at the Memorial Hike

Baldy-Group.jpg (148914 bytes)

Hiking Mount Baldy

Baldy-rocks.jpg (78852 bytes)

Rest stop at the Rocks on the Mt Baldy Trail

Dsc00624.jpg (101585 bytes)

Skiing Winter 2007 at Yellow Belly in Greenspeak

 Dsc00625.jpg (105679 bytes)

Skiing again at Greenspeak in Winter 2007

Dsc00628.jpg (133190 bytes) 

Snow is deep enough to ski on the East Lane fire road in Pinetop - Winter 207


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