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Hiking American Hiking This site will keep you informed about hiking events such as National Trails Days, hiking events and more.

State Parks Arizona Department of Parks Information on Arizona State Parks. Also includes Arizona State Parks' State Trails Program information providing a number of benefits for trail users, organizations, and communities.

Trails A Trek Through Public Lands This link takes you to the home page for a trek that is being organized that follows a route from Mexico to Canada, entirely on national public lands.

Animal Tracks Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den The original online field guide to tracks and tracking - since 1997

Area Resources Chamber of Commerce - Pinetop-Lakeside Pinetop-Lakeside... a package wrapped up and delivered with serenity, beauty, fun, and adventure. Read about us, take our photo tours, search our databases for activities, and see for yourself why you should get in the car, hop a plane or grab the bus and give yourself a gift ... the Pinetop-Lakeside experience.

Area Resources Chamber of Commerce - Show Low Whether you are here to live, work, study or play, you will find a great sense of energy, enthusiasm and excitement wherever you go in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona.

Local Government City of Pinetop-Lakeside Pinetop-Lakeside is an incorporated community located in the scenic White Mountains of Arizona. Founded in the early 1880's by Mormon pioneers, Lakeside derived its name from the area's lakes, and Pinetop derived its name from the nickname of a saloon keeper who served the Fort Apache soldiers.

Local Government City of Show Low Show Low's major economic influences are tourism and regional service provision. The City has no property tax. The City Council has committed to taking a proactive approach in dealing with the growth of the community, while maintaining the high quality of life enjoyed by its residents.

Tools For Topographical Map Users This site has topographical map information, maps, data and more for recreational and professional users

Geocaching Geocaching Website This link takes you to the geocaching homepage. Enter the zip code of the area where you want to search for a cache in the search box and you will get the closest ones.

Trails GORP Trail Finder Click on the Trail Finder under Tools to find trails all over the United States. You can also find locations and descriptions for local trails not maintained by TRACKS.

Forest Service National Forest Service Welcome to the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests!

Its called God's Country... lakes... mountains... The Mogollon Rim made famous by Zane Grey... The White Mountains... made green by ponderosa pine, gentled by cold waters flowing to the valleys below and far beyond. It is a physically challenging and rewarding recreational landscape. A place of spiritual renewal... and more....

Animal Tracks Princeton University-Tracking An excellent web site for learning and recognizing animal tracks along the trail

Conservation The Conservation Alliance A group of outdoor businesses whose collective contributions support grassroots citizen-action groups and their efforts to protect wild and natural areas where outdoor enthusiasts recreate

Conservation The Land Trust Alliance Washington DC based land conservation movement

Conservation The Nature Conservancy Active conservation organization

Trails To Find Trails in a Specific Area The Trails web site allows you to search for trails around the country by using their Zip Code Search. This site also includes hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and canoeing information

Trails Trails along the Arizona Strip A good search site for trails along the Arizona/Utah/Colorado border

Trails Trails in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest Find trails in the Blue Range Primitive Area and the Springerville, Clifton,Alpine and Black Mesa Districts

Trails Tucson Hikes An Illustrated Guide Visit this site for descriptions and information re Tucson trails

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